Frequently Asked Questions

What is your minimum production requirement?

All representatives are expected to produce at least $25,000 of Gross Dealer Concession. All variable life commissions are included in this number.

What is the payout?

New registered representatives start at a commission rate based upon verified past securities production. If a representative does not have a history of production that representative would start at the entry level and earn his or her way up the grid. Please talk to us or your OSJ for more information on payout.

May registered reps engage in the life settlement market?

Life settlements for fixed (non-variable) life insurance are treated as an outside business activity and must be disclosed. Once disclosed, you may place your fixed life settlement business outside of First Heartland Capital, Inc. Life settlements for variable life insurance policies are securities and must be sold through First Heartland Capital, Inc.

May representatives own an independent RIA?

No. All registered representatives that are also registered investment advisors or registered investment advisor representatives must offer their advisory services through First Heartland Consultants, Inc., our corporate RIA.

Who does First Heartland Capital, Inc. clear through?

First Heartland Capital, Inc. clears through Pershing, LLC, a wholly subsidiary of Bank Of New York Mellon.

Are representatives required to purchase their errors & omission insurance through First Heartland Capital, Inc.?

Yes. Our errors and omission insurance is mandatory for all representatives.

Does the E&O cover my fixed life insurance sales and group health insurance sold outside the broker dealer?


Will you consider a representative with a "yes" answer on their U-4?

Representatives with a "yes" answer on their U-4 will be considered on an exception basis depending on the facts and circumstances regarding the yes answer.

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